Rewiring & Repairs


Rewiring & Repairs

In every house and office across Melbourne and Geelong, there are wires all over the building. And when one of those wires fails, disconnects or cuts loose, it is going to cause havoc throughout the rest of the building. That’s the problem with electricity systems, we need them to survive, but one little issue can cause plenty of problems.

So when something goes wrong in your building, how can you fix the problem if you don’t know where it’s happening from? That’s where Rutherford Electrical can step in to help. As a tight knit family friendly business with years of hands-on experience throughout Melbourne and Geelong, we have the team to handle any rewiring and wire repairs that you need in your building.

Conducting rewiring or wire repairs is a dangerous task for inexperienced and unprofessional individuals. You can cause serious problems within your building, and worse, might make it dangerous for your family, friends and employees. But with our team by your side, you can be sure that not only will be find the problem within your building, but will ensure that it will be safe for everyone in the building.

Regardless of what wires need to be rewired or repaired, Rutherford Electrical can do it for you. We will conduct the whole process for you to ensure that any rewiring or repairs that need to be completed, and we will do it at 100% efficiency.

All our electricians are highly qualified in managing rewiring and wiring repair projects. All you have to do is contact us today and we will be there as soon as possible! To get in touch with us, contact us directly on 0408 106 033 or email us on

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