Why You Should Have a Clipsal C-Bus in Your Home


Why You Should Have a Clipsal C-Bus in Your Home

Energy efficiency and conservation is a pressing issue these days in Melbourne and every major city and town in Australia because of concern over climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. One way to save energy is by using a management system to monitor and control lighting and other electrical devices such as pumps, motors, etc. This is why you should have a Clipsal C-Bus in your home. Allow us to explain how this helps.

What is a Clipsal C-Bus?

Clipsal Integrated Systems is a brand of Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty Ltd. The C-Bus is one of their products, a microprocessor-based control and management system for buildings and homes. It can control everything from simple on/off switches for lighting to variable analogue controls such as electronic dimmers. In fact, C-Bus can easily control just about any type of electrical load.

C-Bus makes use of a patented system to control electrical loads. It doesn’t need a central controller unit or computer. You can easily set the microprocessor-based controls on the C-Bus to initiate it automatically at set time intervals, without needing a central controller. Every device has its own time-frame to broadcast its status, so a huge amount of data can be reliably transmitted in a small timeframe. This in turn reduces the bandwidth required and the processing overheads.

Types of Clipsal C-Bus

You can install a wired or wireless Clipsal C-Bus in your home. You can also install a C-Bus multi-room audio system. You can get C-Bus input units, which are triggered by sensors that respond to switches, touch screens, temperature or lighting changes. You can get these input units in various styles and colours to match your décor.

C-Bus output units are made to control electrical loads such as lighting, heating and your home appliances. These units respond to input units and turn on or off or adjust their electrical loads to preset levels when they get messages from input units.

For advanced control, connecting and integrating multiple C-Bus units for controlling large areas or your entire residential premises and buildings in the Melbourne or Geelong, you can make use of C-Bus System Units and Accessories. They act as the core building block of your electrical network control, and provide advanced monitoring and control capabilities.

Lastly, you have the C-Bus software, which is used for commissioning and system control. It includes tools for commissioning, along with front-end software that can be used for controlling and monitoring an entire C-Bus system for homes and buildings in the Melbourne, and region areas, such as Geelong.

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